[2023 Valentine’s Day Gift to your loved one] – Top 3 Plant Gifts Recommendation 【2023情人節送給心愛之人的禮物】- 3大植物禮物推薦

Roses might be the most traditional choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. However, succulent, cactus and house plants could be surprisingly seductive too. With your endless love and care, the plants will grow fonder and fonder like your relationship. It will last longer than floral plants. 

說到情人節禮物,玫瑰可能是最傳統的選擇。 然而,多肉植物、仙人掌和室內植物也可能非常誘人。 有了你的愛和照顧,植物會像你們的關係一樣越來越親密。 它比花卉植物持續時間更長。

  1. Succulent plant 多肉植物

We have selected a great variety of Yook Jai for you. Just pick the one that could represent your love most. Yook Jai loves you 3000!

我們為您挑選了種類繁多的肉仔。 只需選擇那種最能代表您的愛的那個。 肉仔loves you 3000!

  1. DIY Cactus Box DIY仙人掌盒

To share a memorable experience on Valentine’s Day, DIY a plant together may be a fabulous idea. We have attached an instruction card inside the kit. It’s simple and easy to follow the steps one by one. Let’s have some fun with your loved one this year!

為了在情人節和你的伴侶分享難忘的經歷,一起 DIY 植物可能是個絕妙的主意。 我們在套件內附上了一張簡單昜明的說明卡。 一步一步地按照步驟, 簡單又容易。 今年, 與您所愛的人一起玩得開心吧!

  1. House Plant – Lazy gift box for Plant Killer 室內植物 – 植物殺手懶人禮盒

Everyday when your loved one look at the plant, he/she will think about you! Isn’t it all the matter?

每天當你愛的人看到這株植物時,他/她就會想起你! 這不是你想要的嗎?

Which plant is your favourite? Welcome to share with us your experience via our instagram, facebook and website.

你最喜歡哪款禮物? 歡迎通過我們的 instagram、facebook 和網站與我們分享您的體驗。

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